About Us

Our Story

Emerald Coast Brewing Co. started as a project when an unlikely team of two Marine veterans, two nurses, two engineers and two service dogs, shared a passion of quality craft brews (ok, so not so much the dogs but they do enjoy spent grain waste product treats) and genuine social atmospheres. As a team, we want to create a community-centric environment in which we can share these passions with others in both the Panama City community and afar. Starting small, our group of unconventional and passionate home brewers is working to create quality brews with a goal of branching out for creative recipes for brews, meads and seltzers. We're striving to create a variety of deliciously crafted beverages that can bring people together. 


Our Mission

At Emerald Coast Brewing Company, we wish to bring a community based atmosphere that provides a quality craft brew experience through a focus on producing tantalizing brews that bring people together.  

Meet Our Crew Behind The Brew

Shannon Huddleston - Operations, Founder

Shannon is a 6 year Marine veteran with 10 years of management and logistical experience, holds a degree in business management and transportation and logistics management. Shannon is a goofy and easy going soul who has learned a very important fact through all her world travels and cross country adventures... "A good craft brew brings people together!"

Sarah Curl - Marketing, Sales, Founder

 Sarah has been an ICU nurse for 8 years. In March of 2020, Sarah found herself responding as a covid crisis ICU nurse in  NYC. She followed the pandemic over the next year through Arizona, South Carolina, Michigan and California. In an effort to stay connected to loved ones while quarantining, Sarah engaged with family through video homebrew sessions. During this time Sarah's brothers aided her knowledge of home brewing skills and together they collaborated on recipes and ideas. Conceptualizing plans for Emerald Coast Brewing Co. gave purpose and an outlet for productivity in isolation downtime. Having conducted extensive amounts of research regarding functional designs and marketing strategies, her dream is to create an accessible, community driven brewery with friends and family.   


Chris Curl - Brew Engineer, Mechanical guru

Chris has been home brewing for the last 7 years and is eager to take his brew skills to the next level. Coming from a background in mechanical engineering with a passion for problem solving, Chris has found a natural fit in brew operations. 


Bob Curl - Brew Engineer, Design and tech Manager



Bob has over seven years of homebrewing experience and a taste for hoppy beers. With even more years working a behind computer as a geographic information systems analyst, Bob is bringing a technical edge to our brew team. Bob is looking forward to contributing some hoppy additions to our tap list. 

Charlie Curl  - Support Service Dog in Training

Charlie is a hard working service pup in training for brew engineer Bob Curl, who has nemaline myopathy.  Charlie has been a leading cheerleader for the brewery, by Bob's side every step of the way. When Charlie has time off from her rigorous training schedule, she enjoys swimming, chasing balls, bubble baths and long walks on the beach. Charlie looks most forward to the brewery opening because she loves her spent grain treats! Although Charlie, also known as the "Shaggy Blonde",  works hard as a service dog in training, she has been an endless source of inspiration and creativity for the brew crew of Emerald Coast Brewing Company.     

Bryan McGowan - Brew Engineer

Bryan spent twenty two years in the Marine Corps leading, training and managing large numbers of high dollar assets and personnel. He has six years of home brewing experience and strives for a high quality product in every brew he creates. 

Alpha Jack - ECBC Service Dog


Jack is a hard working service dog for Marine combat veteran and brew engineer Bryan. He enjoys good belly rubs, hiking through the woods, and watching his dad brew beer. Jack is an important part of our team and the inspiration behind the name of our soon to be finished stout beer.

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Emerald Coast Brewing Co | 123 Street | Panama City, FL

Email: info@emeraldcoastbrewing.com